TweeFly – Interactive Fiction made easy

TweeFly – Interactive Fiction made easy

Twee2 and Twine are fantastic tools to create interactive, non-linear stories. What began in 2009 as an ambitious project by Chris Klimas became a well known tool for many writers who love to enhance their fiction with non-linear paths, variables, conditions, and media.

Twine’s intention was to create web-based stories witout programming. But when it comes to integrate shops, inventories, cloth etc. you have to write JavaScript code sooner or later.

With our tool TweeFly you do not need to write code to do so. Let our tool do the coding for you! TweeFly integrates seamlessly in Twee2. Twee2 sees itself as tool for power-users and has choosen a text based approach compared to the graphical UI of Twine. We like both tools a lot, but since we favour the text based approach for large and complex stories, we decided to integrate TweeFly into Twee2.

TweeFly generates everything for you!

TweeFly has been developed to generate all backend scripts for various tasks like an inventory system, or a job system (see complete feature list below). It furthermore manages all your defined objects in the game and gives you a overview over your item properties.

To create the scripts it is just one click on the Generate button and you are done. Afterwards, simply start writing your story and use the code generated by TweeFly by the Macros it provides. TweeFly builds upon the story format SugarCube2 which is easy to learn and well documented.

What TweeFly can do – and what not

TweeFly comes as free and pro version and implements the following features for you. Since we like the idea to contribute to the fantastic community around Twine and Twee2 the decision was easy to release a free version of TweeFly.

Feature Free Pro
Inventory x x
Shops x x
Money x x
Cloth   x
Stats   x
Daytime   x
Jobs   x
Characters   x
Custom captions   x
Story configuration x x
Twee2 integration x x
Twine integration [new] x x
Support us to get a license key

Since managing licenses is a very time consuming job we decided furthermore to rely on Patreon to distribute our pro edition. Using Patreon you can decide on your own how much you want to donate to TweeFly and our development effort.

Are you still working on TweeFly?

Of course we are! There are a lot of planned features and some minor improvements to existing functions that we are currently working on. Here we rely on your feedback! Please use our Patreon page to contact us if you found bugs or if you like to see any features. Community feedback is the most valuable giveback any developer can imagine!

We will track all development in our Trello board.

Sounds too good! What is the catch?

If your story gets more and more complex or if you want choices in your game to go either this way or that way, TweeFly won’t help you. Instead, we created it to keep all the annoying programming work away from you like implementing a robust inventory or a daytime system. With TweeFly you can focus on your story and let our tool do the nasty background work for you!


If you don’t have a very good reason, download the latest version please.